Shifting Interdimensionally ??

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The Veils Grow Thinner


During my walk this morning, I was practicing an exercise from the behavioral optometrist who is teaching me how to use my eyes like the “hunter/gatherer” he says I am.  Being too narrowly focused on reading and computer stuff has strained my eye muscles and affected both my close and distance vision.

So I’m walking along on the road up a long hill in my neighborhood.  The road is lined with trees and houses – a beautiful and quiet Sunday morning with the Sun shining brightly – a great relief from many dark days of rain.

My eye exercise is to have “soft eyes” – as in Sally Swift’s “Centered Riding” technique.  In other language, I’m to widen my field of vision to a full 180 degrees taking in everything simultaneously.

Up in the distance near the top of the hill, a road comes in from the left out of a short cul-de-sac.  Suddenly, I see an iridescent image of a large animal shape step out from the cul-de-sac onto the road in front of me.

I can see right through the animal’s body, but it is a very distinct shape with definite boundaries to its form.  It appears to be three dimensional – to have depth, but I can see right through it.  It might be the size of a large cat, like a lion or tiger, but is not shaped like a cat at all.   It is definitely not any kind of feline from 3-D Earth.

I stop and stare in amazement.  And while I stand there admiring this vision, I notice two deer off to my right in amongst the trees between two houses.  They suddenly move and take off.  Because I am using “soft eyes” I can see the deer and the transparent image of the animal at the same time.

In the next instant, a car pulls out of a driveway on the left, just beyond the  road where the iridescent animal emerged.  Suddenly, the sunlight reflects strongly off the car in a blinding light, and the animal image disappears.

So what did I really see?  Was the animal image an optical illusion coming from the car?  I don’t think so.  Did I imagine it?  Did I dimensionally shift?  Did the animal enter our dimension from another space or dimension?

Perhaps I’ll never really have answers to these questions.  And maybe the answers don’t matter.

I do know that we are all moving vibrationally into higher dimensional realities and that the boundaries or veils between the “worlds” are not as solid as they used to be.

If you have any similar experiences to share, please do so.