Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

“Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Reflect my Truth.

Let me see it all.”

In “The Sleeping Beauty,” the queen wanted her mirror to

tell her the truth about herself.

And it did!!

As she became more and more consumed with fear and jealousy of her step-daughter, the mirror reflected the Queen’s inner state and revealed that another, more loving than the Queen, radiated more love, and thus more of her inner beauty.

The world around us is our Magic Mirror.  it shows us exactly what we hold inside ourselves.

If we see wars and conflicts, it’s because we are at war with ourselves, in a conflict between our ego and our True Self.

If we see people blowing up others, we are not only the victim of the explosions, but also the ones creating and setting off the bombs.

If we see famine, we are the ones afraid of scarcity and focused on lack.  Mother Earth is capable of feeding everyone healthy, nutritious, delicious food, but greed keeps some over-fed while others starve to death, and still others wonder when they’ll have their next meal.  That greed is within us.

If we see poverty, we fear material losses in our lives.  It’s our beliefs being reflected back at us that we’re unworthy of abundance or that abundance is only for other, but not for ourselves.

Whatever you believe to be true about yourself

WILL manifest in big and little ways in your life.

So if you want to know what you believe about yourself, look around you.

  • How does your home reflect you?
  • How does your family reflect you?
  • How do your animals reflect you?
  • How do your friendships reflect you?
  • How do your acquaintances reflect you?
  • How does your job and the people with whom you work reflect you?

If you don’t like the reflections, you have to change yourself.  You have be willing to look at each reflection and recognize it as a trigger, a marker, a notice hung up to get your attention.  Imagine if each person wore a sign on the front of their tee shirt that said,

“Turn around and go within and you’ll find ALL the answers there.”

When you go within, you WILL find the answers.  You’ll learn that whatever is holding you back – fear, jealousy, anger, grief, limiting beliefs about yourself – all can be healed WITHIN YOU.

This is what Source Resonance Healing™ was created to assist you in doing:  healing your inner world so that your outer reflection becomes more loving, more filled with joy, more satisfying, and more gratifying.

Image how YOUR LIFE will be different

when you fully LOVE YOURSELF!

If only the Queen had known this, the story of her life would have had a very different ending.


Did You Feel the Shift?

January 5, 2009 by  
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It was so clear to me.  December was a time of “rearrangement” energetically speaking.  Activity seemed to slow down (not just sales in stores) and it felt to me that everything was shifting around, reorganizing itself, getting rid of some old and preparing for some new energies.  A new integration took place.

Then, on January 1, 2009, all that reorganization and integration was over and it felt like the energies began to speed up again.  A “shift” from reorganization to moving rapidly forward.

2009 promises to be a year of many changes on many levels.  For those of us who hold the Light for Earth and Humanity, it is clear that this will be a time of letting go more of the denser, darker personal aspects of ourselves and all humanity to make room for more Light within.  More transmutation.  More clearing of old “stuff” and more evolving into higher frequencies.

We will each experience some of this at new levels and in new ways, for all of humanity is coming along with us.  The question is, are you awake enough to take back your power now?  Or will you get around to this later?  Don’t wait too long, because there are still those on the planet who want you to keep slumbering.

Like “Sleeping Beauty,” are you waiting for some “prince” to awaken you, take away your fears, and carry you off to “Happily Ever After?” 

OR . . .

Are you going to CREATE YOUR OWN “Happily Ever After?”

When you create your own, it gets to be the way YOU choose.  If you wait for someone else to do it, it will be what they are choosing, and in the end might not be what you would prefer at all!!

TIME TO WAKE UP and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, then.  Come on!!  It’s much more fun to be awake and create a conscious dream!