An Unusual Healing for an Unusual Kitty, Con’t.

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PART II:  The First Healing Session.


I began the energy healing session by calling on my guides and by asking to be a clear channel, open to all that would take place.  I then invited Cleopatra’s energy to come between my hands for the healing session.  Emme also showed up to comfort and assist her friend.



I purposely had no expectations other than that whatever took place would be for the highest good of all concerned.  I begin all healings this way because the guides I work with are expert healers and they know what needs to be done.  Sometimes they show me what they are doing.  Other times, they don’t.

My job is to hold the space and coordinate/facilitate the healing team.  While I also use certain techniques I have been taught, many times I am just holding the space and setting overall and specific intentions for healing.

It was a bit of a surprise to me when I was told that Cleo’s healing would begin with modifications to her DNA akashic layer, the etheric template for her physical body, and the akashic record in her auric field.  (When my guides tell me that they can do these things, I’ve learned to just accept it and go with whatever happens.  The results are often quite astonishing.)

Very quickly, the guides showed me that, at the most basic level, Cleopatra had experienced a past-life trauma during the period in European history known as the Reformation.  During several hundred years, the Catholic Church killed more than 3 million humans (mostly women) and some unknown number of animals in its attempt to wipe out all independent thought and indigenous spiritual systems.   The Church tortured and killed heretics, including shamanic healers and mid-wifes who were connected with nature and used herbs and other natural approaches to heal and live in harmony with the Earth Kingdoms.  These people were accused of witchcraft and heresy, and their animal compansions, called “familiars” were also tortured and killed.

According to my guides, Cleopatra had been a feline in at least one lifetime where she had been tortured, set on fire, and experienced a lingering and painful death.  A part of her spirit had been locked into the pain and trauma of that event.  This aspect needed to be released, healed, and integrated back into Cleo’s Consciousness.  I was told that we were going to do a type of soul retrieval for Cleo.

When the being came forth into our awareness, she was screaming and howling with pain and fear.   Her fur was all standing up on end; her pupils dialated.  Her fur seems clumped and burnt and part of her skin was bald and burned.

Emme and Cleo began immediately to lick (groom) the spirit, who immediately began to quiet down.  It was as though two feline mothers were healing a sick kitten.  The spirit’s fur began immediately to change back to normal.

A some point, the guides said that the first level of reintegration of the spirit was complete and that they would begin working to repair Cleo’s “brain matrix”.  The matrix for the body is an energy structure or webbing on which the physical aspects of the body are built.  This step, I was told, is necessary for the brain functioning to be restructured so that Cleo would not need to hide whenever something in her environment changed.

Other guides began working on the DNA repair.  One level of this was to eliminate damage from the vaccines that had triggered Cloe’s behavioral patterns.  Another level was to clear from the DNA the memories of the past life experience that had been brought to the surface by Cleo’s interaction with Chloe (the new cat in the family).

Eventually, I was told that the brain matrix was ready for re-activation.

Another message came through that Cleopatra needed to detox mercury from her physical body.  This would not be part of the healing and would require a different process altogether.

I was asked to do a chakra cleanse for Cleo, which is a technique I am familiar with and have done many, many times.  When we got to Cleo’s third chakra, the power center located in the area of the stomach, I was told that the chakra needed repair, and the teams who know how to do that showed up. 

When I got to Cleo’s third eye, the psychic center, Cleo asked me not to do anything there because she wasn’t ready.  I alway honor what the being receiving the healing tells me, so I stopped working with her chakras at that point.  My sense was that Cleo’s third eye had been very open and active during the lifetime when the trauma had occurred and that working with it on this day would be too much for Cleo.

The healing session took an hour, at the end of which a great many things had been accomplished.  I urged Cleo to rest for the next day or so and the session was ended.

In the next blog installment, I will share with you what Jennifer
told me about Cleo’s behavior and appearance
after the session. 

Shamanic Transformation

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by Sarah Sloboda

From time to time, I will feature guest bloggers who can add to the positive perspective and spiritual upliftment that my blog is intended to communicate.  Today’s guest blogger is Sarah Sloboda.  Sarah is the founder of The University of Sarah with a degree from The Art School of Optimism.  Her blog, entitled, “Everyday Shapeshifting,” is a true experience from her own life.  Here is Sarah’s story.


            “Hello, Joe?” I said, quietly into the phone.


            “It’s Sarah Sloboda.  I think I need to come in for a follow-up session.”

            “Sure, Sarah.  What’s going on?”

            “I quit my job.”

            “Come in tomorrow,” Joe said.

            Joe Monkman {} is a spiritual healer trained in the shamanic traditions of Peru.  Two weeks before this dialogue, I had met Joe for the first time – feeling sullen, depressed, disempowered in my workplace, and suffering from a stress-related stomach ulcer.  Although drawn to his work through a book I read on shamanism called, Soul Retrieval, I was extremely reluctant to believe that his drumming and waving his feather around my body was going to change anything for me, or my career.

            Miraculously, my disbelief was suspended after my first session with Joe.

           “Breathe in your nose, and out your mouth,” Joe instructed me, as I lay on the massage table in his Manhattan office.

            Quite frankly, I didn’t do much else.  I closed my eyes tightly, and listened while Joe drummed methodically, creating a feeling in the room that was deeply soothing, yet unfamiliar to me at a time when rushing to meetings from coast to coast with little to no sleep was a rhythm to which I had grown quite miserably accustomed.  According to what I’ve read on the subject, Joe was interacting with a non-visible part of reality on my behalf, to balance the energy I was carrying in my body.

            I told Joe about the struggles of my life, emotionally tied to the path my career had taken, and how I felt strong pangs of discontent, despite having achieved what I had said I had been wanting for years – a job in the prestigious world of television.  My life had been turned upside down after a perspective-changing car accident, and although I had tried to pursue the path that film school had sent me upon, some part of me was no longer present, and neither my medical doctors nor my shrink had been able to help me locate it.

            For Joe, however, this was common, everyday work.  A shaman’s purpose in ancient tribes was to help restore a person’s essence, in order to keep them whole, despite the traumas of everyday life.  Joe’s intention with me was to help create a space where the real me could shine through.

            When I walked out of his office, I found myself making eye contact with strangers on the street.  I felt open.  I was seeing through my own eyes for the first time in a long time.  Within two weeks, I could no longer tolerate my job.  I felt pangs of anguish, knowing that there were other ambitious souls who would love to hold my position, while I was resenting it, and longing for a place to express my creative voice.

            I sat in a bathroom stall, struggling to gain control of my emotions for 20 minutes before walking into my boss’s office and giving notice.  Part of me was just beginning to gain enough strength to represent myself honestly, although I don’t know how I spoke to my boss at that time without fainting.

            I called Joe, and told him what had happened.  I had no plan.  Just a general knowing that my creative sense, and my experience as a visual artist and photographer was enough to take me forward.  With Joe’s encouragement, I was able to begin to make my life reflect what was more authentically me, and I began to see my entire life take on a new shape.

            Within two months, I had booked my first big job as a full-time photographer – a wedding in Malibu – and had arranged with the bride who was a graphic designer to brand and launch my new photography company {}.  My photography business thrived the very first year of its existence, and garnered worldwide acclaim for the work I did with children and weddings.

            Now operating from a place of near-constant evolution, I have re-branded as Sarah Sloboda: Photographer, Optimist.  It is my personal mission to provide millions of people with photographic evidence of their lives working beautifully.  I am also a consultant – working creatively to inspire and motivate other artists and business owners who are blocked, stuck, or otherwise need a brainstorm boost.

            Following the path to authenticity that Joe helped me to open, my career now has one clear premise – to make sure that the trajectory of my personal growth is reflected in the work I am doing in the world, so that others can benefit from my experience. 

(Follow this trajectory at University of Sarah: The Art School of Optimism,