What Is a Spiritual Master?

September 20, 2012 by  
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A spiritual master is one who chooses to align with their own True Self, also called I Am Presence or God Self.

This is the highest aspect of each one of us.  This is the original Divine Spark that emanated directly from God/Goddess/All-That-Is.  A spiritual master is one who acknowledges his/her own Divinity.

A spiritual master is one who chooses to BE in alignment – to LIVE in alignment – with the highest, most conscious, most spiritually aware part of oneself.

A spiritual seeker transforms into a spiritual master by making this commitment:

“I choose alignment with my I Am Presence.”

Your Divine Self (I Am Presence) already Is a Master.

You Already Are a Master.

This alignment doesn’t often happen in a flash of light.  It takes conscious, daily commitment.  This is because of the Ego.

The Ego is an aspect of our Divine Self that was created to help the Divine Self live in the Third Dimensional World or 3-D.  The 3-D world is one of limitation.  It is a very slow vibrational frequency, and most of us have all been living there for many lifetimes.

It’s my understanding that we come into 3-D to have certain experiences.  Those experiences are planned by us at the Soul Level.  We choose to be here.  We make a plan with the assistance of our spirit guides, spiritual teacher, our Higher Self, and our I Am Presence.  We invite other souls to take on specific roles in our 3-D life to assist us in having our experiences, and we agree to take on specific roles for those souls.  These souls become our parents, siblings, friends, bosses, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, animal companions, and so on.

Then we incarnate.  Being in 3-D requires that we forget all the plans we made.  We forget about the agreements.  We forget so that we can experience without knowing the outcome in advance.  This is how we learn.  It’s like a game.  Would you play scrabble or chess or football if you knew the outcome in advance?  Why bother to play if you always know the outcome?

Part of the 3-D game is to find the joy of rediscovering our Divinity.  When we move from darkness to light, we experience intense joy.  It’s more intense because it was missing and we have learned what the lack of this connection feels like.

As you awaken, as you remember your God Self while still in physical bodies, you begin to connect with Joy.  You start to realize that you made these plans.

At the same time, your Ego resists.  The Ego doesn’t want us to remember, because the Ego is into limitation and control and fear and doesn’t want to give up it’s power over you.

The Ego is just one small aspect of you who believes it has been running the show.

The I Am Presence is a vastly large aspect – the fullest, most complete, truest aspect of you, who knows all there is to know about you.  The I Am understands the Ego, but the Ego doesn’t understand the I Am.

Most next time about the ego and mastery and gurus.  Yes – I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d talk about gurus.