A Spiritual Journey to New Earth (Gaia)

November 24, 2020 by  
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On New earth all is green and lush.

I awoke this morning after being in 2 other realms.  It was amazing that I remember so much of this experience, as my dreams fade away quickly upon arising.   Sometimes I get bits and pieces, snatches of memory later in this day, but nothing like the detail I remember of this travel to another dimension.

This was no dream.

It was real.

I was on New Earth, Gaia, in the 5th Dimension.  I looked like a young person in my twenties or thirties, and I was with a lovely group of people around the same age, or at least appearing to be close in age.  They were  beautiful beings, all human.

We were organized into smaller groups of 6 or 7, and given projects to work on together.  I was only told what my group was assigned to do.

We faced all sorts of challenges.  Some people were having difficulty adjusting to being on New Earth, and we would assist each other by sharing our own experiences, listening in a loving way, and supporting each other emotionally through the adjustment process.

We also had the challenge of creating our project.  We had to learn to work very harmoniously, overcoming differences in viewpoint.  Our goal was to unify our thinking and feeling to create the design.  Then we had to bring it into the world with our intention and other resources.

Everyone was in harmony, wanting to work together in love, cooperation, and mutual support.  It was challenging, and also very beautiful, the way we learned to work together.

It was like learning to dance with a new group of partners.  At first the communication was a bit strained, but then it began to flow.  We were quite telepathic, and that helped us understand each other’s ideas, feelings, and perspectives.

We each had different skills and talents to contribute to our project.  Our job was to find ways to fit our different ideas together to create something incredibly beautiful.

The physical environment we were living and working in was gorgeous, with lush, green plants, and a deep blue sky with magnificent cloud formations.  The sunlight was bright and everything seemed to radiate it’s own light, too.

The buildings were round and fit naturally into the New Earth environment.  They were made of natural substances that would not hurt the environment in any way.  Each building was exquisite, with big windows and bright interiors.  There were flowers everywhere of brilliant colors.

The buildings had group areas of varying sizes:  meeting rooms, and places where we rested or ate or met to work on our projects.

Then suddenly, I was traveling down a road that led to the house were I had grown up in New York State.  I had left 5-D and was in 3-D again, but still filled with the energy of 5-D Consciousness.

Here, in 3-D, the environment was mostly brown.  The Earth was parched and the plants were all dried up and dead or dying, as if they had suddenly lost all their water, because they were still standing upright.

My mother from this life was there as a younger woman than when she had died in her 80’s.  She was happy to see me and wanted to show me around.  She seemed proud of this dried-up, dead land, and wanted show me what she had done with it.  But I saw no area where there was any new growth, no evidence of any work she had done to restore the land and the plants.

I was stunned by the contrast between the two environments, and very sad.

I woke up, got out of bed, and came downstairs.

My 5-D friends were still connected with me and began to speak to me about what I had just experienced.  They told me that they were shown similar things in their own experience as a lesson.

“A lesson in what?” I asked.

“Letting go of what’s gone.  Staying out of judgment.  Not feeling a need to ‘fix’ anything.  Allowing others to make their choices.”  they responded.

“Ah.  Learning to be compassionate,” I said to them and to myself.

I cried just a bit.  Mostly I cried because I missed being with my new family on Gaia (New Earth).  I think of them as my new family, although I can’t explain why I think of them in that way.

They reassured me that some part of my consciousness is still with them.  I can genuinely feel them around me, even now.  It’s a warm, supportive feeling of connection, and I can sense the higher vibration of their presence.

I also felt HUGE GRATITUDE and LOVE for everyone – for all of humanity still struggling to awaken; for all the Light Workers feeling challenged by the ongoing collapse of the 3-D world that we’re all experiencing/witnessing right now; for everyone who is in confusion as we go through this powerful corridor of transition, November 17, 2020 into January, 2021.

Gratitude and appreciation flows from my very open heart to everyone.  A very big THANK YOU and much LOVE to all.