Every Word Matters. What Words Are You Saying? What Effect Is Each Word Having?

November 30, 2020 by  
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Words have power.  All words.

A word can have the power to bless.  A word can have the power to curse.

A word can change a mind, heal a heart, or make someone sick.

The old adage about sticks and stones doing damage, but words being unable to hurt is false.

Every word is a sound vibration, an energy with potential to uplift someone or to push them further into darkness and despair.

Whatever  you say out loud or even think to yourself, has power.

Do you stop and consider your words before you speak?

I know of people who are being made sick by all the talk about viruses and illness.  We literally can become sick by expecting to do so, by filling up with the fear of being sick, and then our body responds according to the message we gave it.

It’s true.

If you listen to the radio or TV or read/listen online to all the warnings about Covid or Flu, you can literally make your body think it’s supposed to get sick.

Your body is 70-90% water.

Water becomes imprinted with the energy of words.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the work of Dr. Emoto who photographed the effect of written words on water.

Beautiful words create beautiful, well organized patterns.

Ugly words create distorted patterns.

If you believe you’ll get sick and are afraid of catching a disease, you’re creating a distortion in your body.

So what words are you putting into your body?

What words are you putting into the bodies of other people?

A word of assurance can help someone struggling.

A word of resentment can tear someone apart and keep them from success.

To choose our words carefully, we must do the inner work.

Each time you speak, you are releasing sound vibration into the universe.  You are creating an energy with your voice, and that energy is going out into the Universe.

Even if others can’t hear the word with their ears, they can be affected by the frequency and vibration of the words you speak or write.

So are your words benevolent?  Or malevolent?  Kind?  Or harsh?  Supportive?  Or destructive?

You know . . . I don’t know what kind of a day you’re having and you don’t know what kind of a day I’m having.

When we speak to each other, we don’t really know what the other person is going through.

So isn’t it better to be kind . . . just in case the other person is having a difficult day and would be helped by what we say instead of feeling another harsh blow?

Every word you say matters.

It can help someone grow stronger or it can make them weaker.

Do you feel more powerful when you say cruel words or when you say healing words?