Do Animals Behave Differently While Communicating Telepathically?

February 17, 2014 by  
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Is their behavior consistent

with their telepathic messages?


Sometimes they do behave differently while you’re having the conversation, but mostly they don’t.

While many clients prefer to be with their animals during a session, their physical presence or absence doesn’t affect the effectiveness of session or ability of a professional communicator to reach the animal.

This is actually a good thing because it means you can have a conversation with your animal companion while the animal is in the hospital or out at pasture, or at the vets, or staying with a friend or at a kennel.

It also means that conversations can take place while you’re on vacation, on a business trip, visiting relatives, or at work, or wherever.

Many times an animal will not physically show or indicate in any way that there is a telepathic conversation going on.  In other instances, an animal may behave in ways that clearly demonstrate that someone is speaking to them.

Here are some examples of animal behavior that clients have shared with me.

  • The animal’s ears begin to twitch just as I connect telepathically and continue until the conversation ends.
  • The animal comes into the room when the conversation begins, or suddenly gets up and sits next to their person or jumps into their lap.
  • The animal physically does exactly what the animal is describing to me during the session.

A specific case in which a dog did exactly what she was telling me was one in which two female dogs, who had been like sisters for most of their lives, had been viciously attacking each other.  Dog trainers, veterinarians, and others had made all kinds of suggestions for resolving the problem, to no avail.

During the Animal Communication session, one of the dogs showed me a picture of herself going over and licking the ear of the other dog as a kind of apology.  The gentleman to whom I was speaking was astonished to watch his dog actually do this as I described it.  The conflict ended right there and then, permanently.

While these examples show that an animal may behave differently during telepathic communication, the vast number of animals with whom I’ve spoken over the years never show any physical indication that a conversation is taking place.  They may be curled up asleep or just resting somewhere in the house or munching their hay, but there is no physical sign that we are speaking telepathically.