Spiritual Musings – A Reincarnation Adventure

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How Is It That I Can Speak with

Both Echo and Starlight?

Echo loved to run.

So here I sat on the floor with a baby kitten in my arms last Saturday night, September 30, 2012, trying to comfort her and reassure her that she was completely safe and totally loved.  And all around me, I could feel Echo, as if wrapping both of us in Divine Love and in her own amazing consciousness.

Truthfully, I had been surprised during the previous week to discover that I could speak telepathically with Echo, even though she had reincarnated into a feline body.

“What’s going on here?” I asked my Self.  “How is it possible I can speak with both of them?”

Starlight at 9 weeks old.

When I sensed Echo’s energy it was clearly her, but not quite as strong a presence as it had been before Starlight was born.  Echo explained that this was due to her focus being on Starlight.  This meant that when she spoke to me, she was making a smaller amount of her consciousness/energy available for the conversation.  But this did not diminish the purity of the connection or my ability to receive what Echo wanted to convey.  Hmmm.

When I first spoke to Starlight, that was also quite easy.  Starlight has a powerful, yet magnificently light energy – a very high frequency pattern, and she comes in very clearly.  She was still at the cattery when I first made contact, and there was no hesitation on her part to speak with me.  Echo and Violet and Sakhara, all of whom had been working with her, had explained to Starlight that she and I would be together and that this was part of her Life Path.  It was as if she already knew me.

I also could feel that she is definitely Echo.  When I say I “feel” this, what I mean is that I recognize Echo’s energy when I connect with Starlight.  She is from/part of Echo – no doubt about it.

So I asked Echo to explain all this, and I’m asking her now, as I write this, to share her perspective and help us humans, who have been living behind the veils of forgetfulness, to understand.


I am Echo . . . and I am Starlight.  Starlight is an extension of my consciousness wearing a feline body on the Earth plane. 

I am also Nedda.  We are both extensions of the same Soul consciousness at a higher frequency range than I am currently experiencing in the higher realms.  I don’t know how else to explain this, except that we have shared many experiences (lifetimes) in many different realms (including Earth) together because we complement each other so well and love each other so completely.

With Starlight, I’m learning how to be a guide for a part of myself in physical.  This is a new experience for me.  When I left my equine form, I “graduated” in the sense that I now have this opportunity to become a guide and teacher for a part of myself that’s in physical while the greater portion of my consciousness remains in the higher realms of what you call spirit.

Because I’m learning to be a teacher, I will be happy to answer questions as best I can to those who read this message.

Meanwhile, I’m spending most of my time working with Starlight. 

As Sakhara told Nedda, Starlight is not very grounded and has difficulty getting grounded onto the Earth plane.  She has a tremendous innocence.  She loves without reservation and takes everything in stride, even when it feels challenging to her.  She is carefree – innocent – filled with joy and the delight of trying new things.  I’m finding her a challenge, and I think Nedda, Violet and Sakhara are experiencing something similar.  It’s wonderful that we’re all working together to help Starlight settle into her physicality and her life.

I can confirm that Starlight needs help to get grounded.  This is also something most humans, including myself, struggle with.  Perhaps I’ll learn some new things about being grounded as I work with Starlight.  Sakhara is the most grounded of all of us and is finding it challenging to assist all of us to be connected to the Earth at all times.

Even birds need to be grounded, energetically speaking.  All living aspects of Mother Earth’s family do better when the connection to Earth Mother is strong, clear, consistent, and flowing.

So Echo is still directly available to me and to teach in my TWA (Telepathy With Animals) programs.

And Starlight is definitely here to love and enjoy and experience.

And Nedda is still learning tons about the spiritual realms and about herself and her other feline companions (more about Violet and Sakhara’s reactions to all this in another post).

The only previous exposure I’ve had to anything remotely like this situation, as Echo describes it, was in a novel by Jane Roberts who channeled The Seth Materials and other books from Seth.  In a novel called The Education of Oversoul Seven written by Jane Roberts and based on the Seth information, a new “oversoul” is learning how to manage 4 aspects of himself in 4 different physical bodies in different times of Earth history simultaneously.  It’s a fascinating novel, and there are 2 other books to this trilogy.  Maybe it’s time for me to read the whole set!