Being in Transition

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Shift Happens!

Shift happens.  How are YOU handling it?

How are YOU handling it?

The shift from 3-D to 5-D during the last 5 months has been extremely difficult and is also difficult to describe.  This is probably due to the fact that

All aspects of my life have been in flux


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • my physical well-being (I discovered that all the physical symptoms were actually one integrated pattern of accumulated grief that had never been felt nor healed.);


  • my service to others (There were many days when I was asking, “What IS my service to others supposed to be?”);


  • my home (It is beyond difficult to keep a home in order and clean when one is Shifting in this way.);


  • my animal family members (My 2 senior cats have both decided to prepare to leave their bodies – to make their own transition to the higher realms.);


  • my connection and communication with my I Am Presence (Some days the communication flow is clear; other times it’s like thick muck.);


  • my emotional state (sad; glad, mad; grumpy; cranky; nyuch-nyuch; et cetera and so forth);


  • my ability to express what I’m feeling (It truly leaves me feeling stupid to not be able to think of the word or name I want, but even worse is to not be able to express ideas and feelings and emotions in language at all.  Perhaps we’re becoming a non-verbal form of human?  Is this what telepathic communication will become – no words – just images, knowings, and feelings?);


  • what my body wants to eat (I think there was a period of 2 weeks where everything had to be liquid and had to have raw milk in it.  This is just an example of multiple dietary changes and stages.  Some days I have no idea what I want to eat at all!);


  • how I’m sleeping (Or not sleeping.  The schedule is like turning a pumpkin into squash – you throw it up into the air and it comes down squash!);


  • my sense of time (Not only do I often not know what time it is, but I often don’t know what day, month, or even year it is.) ;


  • my self-awareness (What do I want?  What don’t I want?  What am I feeling?  Oh, phooey!  It’s easier to just go to sleep!);


  • what my mind finds interesting and boring (Books, movies, radio shows – one minute I’m interested and the next I couldn’t care less.);


  • my tolerance for 3-D negativity has declined severely (I no longer want to be around or even hear about abuse, violence, torture and other forms of 3-D manipulation and fear mongering.);


  • my sensory system (which is becoming more sensitive so I’ve started noticing odd smells and very quiet sounds, like the clicks of a stainless steel pot of soup cooling on the stove.);


  • and the list goes on and on . . . .

Truly, there is no area of my life untouched by the shifts that are occurring.

Living this type of transition leaves me exhausted, frustrated, and discouraged at times.  Yet there are also times when I feel elated, peaceful, and enthusiastic, and connected with the 5-D world we are creating.  It’s my job, of course, to keep myself in the positive flow of Divine Love, so I make the effort daily to do so.

Sometimes I’ve wished  that I could crawl into a coccoon and just sleep through it all.  Of course, that approach would interfere with a central aspect of our transformation, namely:

Awakening our higher Consciousness


learning to live from that perspective.

If you are struggling with this shift, remember . . .





Check out my services at Rays of Healing Light and see if there is some way I can assist you.  After all, that’s why I’m here on the Earth at this time.  It would be my great pleasure.