What Stage of Growth Are You In?

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Grandmother of Pipes

Great Grandfather Sycamore - A Wise and Ancient Tree

My favorite tarot deck is called The Healing Earth Tarot, created by Joyti.

This morning I pulled a card asking what this time is about for me.  The card is called Grandmother of Pipes.

Grandmother of Pipes is a nature spirit of the woodlands.  Her skin looks like the bark of a tree; her hair is green and full of leaves; she has a knarled appearance and her nose looks like a spot on a tree where a branch used to grow.   She sits resting in the arms of a tree, and speaks the wisdom of the wise and old tree spirits.  She holds a wooden musical pipe from which energy and music flow.  Her message?

“Think of yourself as a plant.  Are you a seed? Have you started growing roots yet?  A stem?  Have you pushed out into the Light yet?  Are you about to grow leaves?  Perhaps you are already budding?  Are your flowers about to open?”

When I spoke directly to the Grandmother, she told me that I’m about to flower, and so is my service to humanity and the Earth.  This was comforting news.

She asked me these questions:

  • Am I focused on nurturing myself or am I allowing myself to be distracted by the outer world?
  • What am I doing to protect myself?
  • What am I doing to assist myself as I enter this stage?

These were questions I had not considered.

So I make these suggestion to you.  Ask yourself, as if you were a plant:

  • What stage of growth are you in?
  • What would be most supportive and nurturing for you at this time?
  • What do you need to do to protect yourself as you enter and move through this new stage?

Gratitude and appreciation to you, Grandmother of Pipes, and also to Joyti for creating this powerful and healing tarot system.


Cooperation from the Standing Ones

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Two Trees Leave the Earth Plane

After the devastating storm of October 30, 2011, many trees were damaged, to put it mildly.

Tree damage.

Unbelievable damage.

Yesterday, the tree service man who takes care of my trees, JP, came to take down two very large oak trees standing within 4 feet of the corner of my house.  These two trees stood so close to each other that their roots are totally intertwined.  This means that if one comes down, they both have to come down because the remaining tree would be unstable.

JP is a very tall, very handsome man who climbs trees to do his work.  No big equipment for him.  JP communicates with trees.  He feels their energy.  He allows himself to be guided by their messages to him.


The day before JP was to come here, I did a sacred ceremony in my back yard.  I called in Mother Earth, Father Sun, the 4 directions, my personal guides, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of the property, the standing ones (trees), and all the other Earth Kingdoms.  I asked permission to remove the trees and offered tobacco that I had prayed over.  When I finished, I touched each of the trees that were to be cut down and said my goodbyes.

The next morning, I went back to the two trees and placed a bit of holy water on each tree’s trunk.  When I touched one tree, it’s energy felt cold by comparison to the energy of the other tree.  Actually, both trees felt different to my touch from the day before.  Both felt less alive – as if the life force of one was gone and of the other, the larger one, was nearly gone.

Tree Removal

JP arrived with his helper and got to work around 9 a.m.  He told me they were going to quit at noon and finish up during the coming week.  So around 11:45 I went outside to see what was happening.

JP said, “I’ve got to tell you some things.  They’re all good things, but I don’t have time to give you the full story now because I have to leave.”

He took me over to the base of the trees.  Both were already completely down.  “Look at this one,” said JP.  “It was really good to take this one down, as it was rotting.”

Sure enough.  JP showed me how the tree where the energy had felt cold was already wet and rotting from the damage last fall, as water had gotten into it.

Then, while still rolling up his ropes, JP pointed to a large oak tree across the yard and along the tree line.  “See that big oak?”  he asked.   “I was up in the bigger tree that had to come down and looking over at that oak and trying to figure out how to drop this tree without damaging the oak.   I thought I had the angle just right, but . . . it was amazing.  That big oak over there caught this tree as it fell.  It didn’t even lose a branch.  It was as if it gently caught it and then allowed it to sink down.  It helped me take this tree down.”

JP was amazed.  I was, too, but I also knew that I had asked all the beings to assist in this process, to make it safe for the men who would be doing it, and to help the spirits of the trees who were leaving.

After JP and his helper finish up on Tuesday, I’ll go outside, do another ceremony, and request assistance to rebalance the yard.

All is in Divine Harmony when we work with Nature.



White Pine Beauties

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I’ve always loved trees.  As a small child, there was one particular maple tree right at the top of the driveway of our home that seemed very large and old to me, and I thought it was beautiful.  Our house was on a tree-lined section of state road, and that tree was special to me.  I don’t have any idea why the state took it down, but I grieved it’s demise.

Today, I live on a smaller piece of land, and my house is surrounded by some very large (60+feet tall), very old trees.  These two White Pines overshadow the house.  The one on the left is no more than 12 feet from the garage.  They shed branches, too, as white pine is a soft wood.  Some of the branches that fall are too heavy for me to lift or even drag to the side.

Why would I keep such big trees right near my house?

Trees are beautiful.  They give us shade and oxygen.  But more importantly for me, they have amazing energy.

Have you ever lain on the ground under a tree and looked up at the clear blue sky through their branches?

Have you ever noticed their aura in the sky above their leaves or needles?  If you learn to have “soft eyes” it is easy to see their aura, even in these photos.  “Soft eyes” means that you allow yourself to see not only what is right in front of you, but on the periphery, too.  You use soft eyes to drive your car every day.  Just look at the photo, at the top of the tree, and then allow yourself to see what is on either side of you where you are sitting.  You may then begin to see the aura of the tree.

whitepine_leftTrees have amazing energy.  I’ve gone up to these trees and, while facing them, I’ve pressed my body against them.   I can feel their enormous energy.

Trees are aware of us.  They feel.  They sense.  They have consciousness.  It is possible to have conversations with them, too.

Did you know that, for every tree, their root system is a large as what you see above ground?  This makes sense in many ways.  To stay upright, they need to be very grounded, just based on principles of physics. 


It still blows my mind at times that what is hidden about trees is greater than what we see with our eyes.   We see only their trunks and their leaves (needles), their flowers and their seeds (pine cones).  We don’t see the life force running up and down their trunks.  We don’t see their ginormous root systems.  We don’t see their energy matrices.   We don’t see their giant factory-sized production of oxygen. 

It’s worth hugging a tree just to begin to sense their energies, to feel their bark and their life force.

The two White Pines on my property tell me they are Guardian trees for the neighborhood.  They are certainly two of the oldest trees here.  I wonder what other wisdom they might share if I asked them.


The Sentient Trees

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I look out the window at dawn, and the sky is soft salmon laced with blues and blue-grays seen through the black-brown arms of the trees and through pine needles.  It is winter, and the starkness of bare tree limbs is nature’s art against the sky.  When I look out the windows at the back of my house at dusk, similar pictures of pinks and grays entrance my eye. 


How lucky I am to live in this house surrounded by trees, many of which are 60 to 80, maybe even 100 feet tall.  These sentinels of wood are alive with energy and consciousness.  Some are over 100 years old and have long memories.  These are guardian trees. 


They tell me they communicate with each other through their roots to hold the energies of plant life for the Earth.  They say they communicate over long distances, or at least they used to be able to do that, but with so many parts of the planet treeless today, their network of life-force is now broken, full of holes.


Trees have chakras and auras.  When I lie on my back under a tree on a warm summer’s day and look up at the very top against the sky, I have seen their auric field, their energy.  Some trees are healers, and if you sit beneath them and lean your back against their trunks, their energy will fill you and bring you into balance.


I have hugged trees.  I have wrapped my arms around them, pressed my body fully against them, and, with my intention and their permission, allowed myself to merge into them.  I have felt myself a part of them and when I do this, they talk to me.  Trees have a group consciousness, as does humanity and other species, but they talk to me as individuals, too.


There are many Sycamore trees in the town where I live.  Sycamores grow to be very large and tall.  Their bark peels away as they grow, so their outer layer shows white and brown-gray mottling.  Sycamore leaves are similar to giant Maple leaves.  Their leaves come late in the spring and are dropped early in the fall compared to other trees.  Their large seeds, the size of a giant gum-ball, have a heady fragrance.


Great-grandfather Sycamore lives at the southern end of the town.  He is hundreds of years old.  It would take at least 10 humans standing with their arms fully outstretched and holding hands to complete the circle around his base.  His energy is so powerful that when I have sat beneath his arms I can never stay for more than 30 minutes because I become drunk and slighly disoriented with the power of his energy.


The first time I met Great-grandfather, I asked if I could merge.  Not only did he generously allow this, but he showed me a picture of himself as a young sapling.  His memory goes back a long away before humans came and mercilessly chopped down trees.  Yet he does not seem to judge us. 


In the yard where I live there are no Sycamores, but two White Pines on my front lawn are each over 60 feet tall.  White Pine is a soft wood, so these trees “shed” branches when the snows and ice are heavy and/or when the wind is strong.  Their needles are soft, too, and every few years they drop gigantic pine cones that the squirrels love for the pine nuts inside.


Three years ago, I had a man come to trim the White Pine next to the driveway and close to the house.  I chose him carefully, as I wanted someone who really cared about trees. 


J.P. had never met anyone before who told him she talked to trees.  I knew he was the right man for the job, though, because he didn’t bring big mechanical equipment.  Instead, he climbed the tree – went way up into its branches and lowered each large limb gently to the ground.  He told me he wouldn’t want to take down a tree that was healthy, although on his regular daily job, working for the next town over, he often had to do that.


Of course, I spoke to the tree about this visitor coming to prune.  I had asked permission, too.  When J.P. finished cleaning up, he and I stood under the tree together.


“While I was working up there,” said J.P., “I had the strangest feeling that the tree was talking to me.  It seemed to be telling me it was happy, like a dog at the groomer.  The feeling grew and grew as I was working.  Even now, standing beneath this tree, I can feel its happiness.”


“Yes,” I said.  “I feel it, too.”  And I did feel as through the trees energy was expansive and joyful.


This year, I asked J.P. to come back and trim the other White Pine.  When he stopped by to check out all the trees on the land where I live and make a plan for his trimming visit, he mentioned that, “I’ll bet the Pine that you are asking me to trim this year is wondering why you waited so long.”


The next day, I went over to speak with the Pine to tell it what I was planning for it and to ask permission.  I told it about J.P.’s remark.  ‘Don’t worry,” the tree replied.  “It isn’t long in ‘tree time.’”


When J.P. arrived to trim the Pine, he explained how high he would go removing pieces of limbs that had fallen and taking down existing ones.  Then he went up the tree with his ropes and tools.  After he was finished, we again stood beneath this great “standing one” and looked at the result.  Instead of removing equal numbers of branches from all sides, J.P. had trimmed more from one side than from the other 3.


“While I was up there, I could feel the tree telling me where to prune.  I looked over at its partner and it was showing me exactly what it wanted,” J.P. told me.


“Yes,” I replied.  “They know what they want.  And look up.  Can you sense it?  The tree’s physical form may appear, at first, to be out of balance the way you cut it, but in fact, the tree’s energy is now perfectly in balance.”  J.P. could see it, too. 


Happy, healthy trees bring beauty and blessings to the land and to all who live there.  I am so lucky and so blessed to live in this spot where the trees create artful views for me each day.  It’s my job to take care of them by interfering as little as possible and by showing them respect.  I can’t imagine a better way to live than to be in harmony with all life.