What Is a Spiritual Seeker?

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We are experiencing a powerful time on Earth when spiritual awakening and ascension are possible for every human being who chooses to make this shift.  In past times, the fully energetic support for this transformational experience was not available, and it took lifetimes of seeking and working on ourselves at slower vibrational rates to succeed.






  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER is one who wants to discover his/her true spiritual nature or Divine Self and who pursues this with determination and consistent effort.
  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER wants to remember his/her Divine birthright and to become ONE with ALL THAT IS.
  • A SPIRITUAL SEEKER is looking for answers to life’s eternal questions.
  • Are YOU a spiritual seeker?

A SPIRITUAL SEEKER usually begins by looking outside him/herself for answers.  Many seekers become discouraged because they don’t find what they are seeking outside themselves.  What they often find are other people who claim to have answers, but may have none or some or are just out to “take” seeker’s money and personal power.

The world outside ourselves is a reflection of our own inner world, and when we first begin to seek spiritual truth, we are full of confusion, false information and conditioning, and many other obstacles.  So when we seek truth outside ourselves, we experience a reflection of what is closest to the surface inside ourselves.

Beneath all the internal debris – hidden away – is our True Self.  But in the beginning, we don’t remember this and we are only aware of a passionate desire to seek and of the illusions that are reflections of our own inner confusions.

Successful “seeking” requires dedication to the task, and many difficulties arise as if to test our resolve.  For some seekers, it takes a long time to connect with someone who can show you a glimmer of the TRUE YOU within.

Sometimes it takes feeling as though you might as well give up entirely before you are ready to make this connection.  At that point, the seeker will meet someone who actually can point the way to where the seeker actually wants to go.

The person who points the way is usually called a teacher or “guru” – one who takes us from spiritual darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge of the SELF).

More about gurus next time.



Be Here Now!

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The old is not new.  The Truth is still the Truth.

We are learning an old lesson again – remembering how it is to be in Unity Consciousness.  The lesson is very old – as old as the universe, and older still.

The lesson is very new – as new as a newborn infant . . . a new as each moment in time.

Shiva represents empowering your True Self to dominate the small self or ego.

Be in this moment.  NOW.

Whatever is happening is Perfect.


Focus on the Perfection.


List what is Perfect  —>>> and create more PERFECTION.


Only PERFECTION exists.

What you are experiencing is perfect for YOU!

What you are experiencing is perfect for the spiritual evolution of your Soul.

You brought it to yourself so you could experience its perfection.

You created it to find/discover its perfection.

Find its perfection.

Do it NOW!

Rejoice in its PERFECTION.

Rejoice in this moment.

ALL is perfect.

All is well.


Among the highest Sanskrit teachings is this chant:

Om purnamadah purnamidam.

Purnat purnamudacyate.

Purnasya purnamadaya


Om.  That is perfect.  This is perfect.

From the perfect springs the perfect.

If the perfect is taken from the perfect,

the perfect remains.


Daily Wisdom: Accessing your DIRECT CONNECTION

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We all have a tendency to look outside ourselves for answers to everything.  This creates problems for us because the truly powerful answers about our lives are only available from WITHIN us.  Within each of us is a direct connection to our very own TRUE SELF – the “I Am Presence” – or Divine Spark who has ALL the answers we are seeking.

Please join me in developing a relationship with your very own direct connection to source:  your True Self.  Here’s how you can do it.

Invite your “I Am Presence” to meet with you

every day for the next 30 days and

journal the results.


Use the questions listed below to get a conversation with your I AM Presence rolling and to receive the highest wisdom from your very own True Self.

The more you converse with your direct connection, the more wisdom, insights, understandings, and personal power you will attain.

Then share your wisdom

in a comment to a daily post on my blog.


Here are the questions:

I look forward to reading your wisdom.

  • WISDOM: What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?
  • LESSON: What are you trying to teach me?
  • RESISTANCE: What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?
    • SURRENDER: What do I need to surrender?
    • ACCEPT: What do I need to accept?
  • ACTION: What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?
    • SURRENDER: In order to receive my highest truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?
    • ADOPT: To live my highest truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?
  • ASK ANY OTHER QUESTIONS you would like to ask.

If you are choosing spiritual ascension, this is one way to align yourself with your personal path and spiritual ascension.


Please join me for the


teleseries and meditations.

Register at

Ascension Preparation Teleseries


Receiving Inner Messages

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Physical Sensations Can Be Telepathic Messages


One of the ways that telepathic Animal Communicators can receive information from animals is through physical sensations.  To develop this skill may require that you take a closer look at how you are relating to your physical body.

For example, if you are sick, what do you do?

When I was growing up, the prevailing cultural message from doctors when you caught a cold was “stay in bed, rest, and drink plenty of liquids.” When you follow this prescription, you are working WITH your body to assist your immune system to repair damage and fight off the invading organism. 

The truth is that healing requires lots of energy and if you are pouring your energy into other things, you body is getting the “short end” when it comes to energy.  The truth is that your body only creates new cells while you are sleeping.  The truth is that drinking lots of fluids helps the body flush out toxins produced by invading organisms.  The old medical prescription was actually based on knowledge of how to help your body do its job more effectively.

Today, what do you do when you have cold symptoms?

Today the prevailing message we get is not from our doctors but from drug companies.  All the ads on TV say to take drugs that mask the symptoms of the cold.  We are told that when we take these drugs we can proceed with our regular routine of going to work or school or whatever.  The needs of the body are completely ignored.

When you take these drugs, you are being trained to ignore your body’s messages – the symptoms.    You are being trained not to listen to the messages from your physical body.

I am using this example to illustrate  one of many ways in which we are trained not to listen to the inner messages we receive.  When we ignore our body’s needs, we are telling our body that we are not listening.

If you were constantly told by someone that they are not listening to you, would you keep trying forever to get their attention?

Our True Self uses physical signals to warn us when we are “off track” from our higher path.  Also, when you are faced with an important decision in your life, your True Self may send physical signals to indicate which path to take.

If we have trained ourselves not to listen to our body when we are sick, then we are also less likely to notice and to respond to signals when our True Self and the body are trying to tell us about something else.

It IS possible to change your relationship with your body. 

It IS possible to have “telepathic” conversations with cells, organs, glands, and with every system of our body.  Your body is a collection of intelligent conscious beings working together for a common good – optimum health and survival.  By opening a conversation with your body and its membership, you can change your life!

Once you have opened the door for conversations with your body, you will start learning all kinds of amazing things.  You and your body will become partners – teammates.

Then, if you study Animal Communication, you may more quickly begin to receive physical signals as part of your psychic reception system.

Namaste – The God in Me Honors the God in You,

Dramatic Shift

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For the last 30 days, I have been participating on a daily basis in a program designed by Coco Fossland to open, develop, and expand my communication with my own True Self, the “I AM Presence”.  This has been a very powerful experience bringing about some extraordinary shifts in me and in how I function in the world.

The questions Coco gave us to ask our Higher Self are these:

  1. What is the wisdom you would like to give me today?
  2. What are you trying to teach me?
  3. What have I been resistant to accepting in the past that I’m ready to receive now?
    1. What do I need to surrender?
    2. What do I need to accept?
  4. What action would you have me take today to serve my highest path?
  5. In order to receive my highest Truth, what idea, behavior, or belief do you want me to surrender?
  6. To live my highest Truth, what new idea, behavior, or belief would you like me to adopt today?
  7. Give thanks.

Each day, as I asked these questions, there were subtle changes in me.  Over the course of 30 days, I was open to more and more information – more and more wisdom.  Each day, as I took the action I requested in question #4, I moved further and further along my path.

Last Monday, March 9, I had a major shift – an expansion in my awareness, my energy, my consciousness.  It was so dramatic that I had to lie down for 90 minutes to allow the process to be fully manifested.  When I sat up, I wasn’t certain that I’d be able to stand up, but when I stood up, I was grounded into the Earth up to my waist, and at the same time, my upper body vibrated with a new level of integrated energy of very high frequency.  My crown and 3rd eye chakras were wide open, my head was expanded (bones and all), and I could see with my inner eye that light was pouring into and out of my head.

I immediately began to receive all kinds of information that I had previously been wanting, but somehow had not been previously ready to receive.  Much of the information had to do with my business, primarily, programs I’m to offer, titles for these programs, content for them as well.  Some of the information had to do with me – how I function in the world and what needs to change and how to change it.

I also received words and energies of encouragement and support, and I could actually feel the encouragement and support.

This event has been a powerful transformation point for me, and I have committed to continuing to be aligned with my True Self in all ways and to continue my daily conversations with my True Self to receive guidance and direction.

I have been told that I am learning to Trust, to be Expansive, to be Patient, and to have Confidence in myself. 

I am very grateful for this experience, as I know it is the way to Ascension for me. 


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