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So, Sakhara, how are you enjoying being outside?


Sakhara is very different since she began going outside.  She is calmer, and for this very calm, grounded, Earth energy kitty, that’s an amazing thing to even imagine, much less experience.  She is also eating more comfortably – less frantically.

I asked Sakhara the other day if she was eating anything outside.  “Insects,” she told me. 

“What kind?”

“Crickets.  They’re delicious.” 

Sakhara is missing many teeth.  While she still has her canines (although I always think in cats they should be called “felines”), she is missing all the little ones between them and many others on the sides, both on top and on bottom of her mouth.  So while I know she can still hunt for small animals, she would not be able to chew or consume them.

In the past, on the rare occasions I would let Sakhara go outside, she’d head right for the grass and tear off pieces and swallow them.  This caused her a great deal of digestive distress because she couldn’t cut the pieces small enough or chew them at all, and she would end up feeling terrible and then vomit.  Her digestive distress would continue, and I would feel dismayed about it all.

Of course, vomiting is one way the body cleanses.  Do you know that?  Not long ago I was rereading a very old out-of-print book I have on hatha yoga.  In one chapter on cleansing, the authors talked about eating things to cause yourself to vomit as a type of purging.  Not exactly what attracts me to yoga, but interesting to know that this can be a cleansing practice.

As I observe Sakhara now, she isn’t eating grass and isn’t vomiting at all.  Of course, she might be eating grass where I can’t or don’t oberseve her, and then vomiting outside, but she says that she isn’t, and I believe her.  I’ve never known her to lie.  Also, lots of times she isn’t out there for very long, so if she did eat grass, it would still be inside her when she came in and I would know if she were vomiting in the house.

I remembered the other day that Sakhara, who is a rather reticent personality, had told someone in one of the TWA classes that her job is to patrol around the house outside and protect the property.  Now, I wonder whether, by keeping her inside all the time, her level of frustration and stress at not being able to do her job contributed to her being sick. 

I don’t feel as though I want to ask her about it.  I just want to hold this notion in my mind for awhile and feel the resonance of its energy.  Some emotions can make us physically ill and others can heal us.  Being continuously kept from your life purpose/job could have a very deleterious effect on anyone.  So many subtle energies and experiences can influence our overall state of well-being.  

So I continue to watch and observe Sakhara as she explores outside.  She headed off across the street yesterday with Hattie (the mostly feral resident of my yard) accompanying her.  I was outside at the time watering my small vegetable and herb garden.   I had to hold myself back from interfering.  She was gone quite a while and Violet had to be comforted.  But she came back just fine, feeling really good and a bit tired.  More lessons for me.


A Lesson in Trust from Sakhara

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I’m the one having the lesson.


What do you do when one of your animals is sick (very out of balance) and she tells you she must go outside into nature to heal?

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

Sakhara enjoying the outdoors.

That’s the question I faced last weekend when Sakhara announced that her chronic digestive problems (unofficially not diagnosed as pancreatitis) will only be fully healed if she spends time in nature.

Being close to the earth is healing for animals – and for us as well.  Getting to touch the actual earth with your feet – feeling the energies of the Earth – the wind in your fur (hair and on your skin) – smelling the woods – the leaves rotting in the fall, the flowers of spring and summer – it’s a sensory fiesta!!!

Keeping cats inside puts them into a totally artificial environment which lacks mental and emotional stimulation, as well as appropriate motivations for exercise, excitement, and joy.   Cats are literally built to hunt.  Inside a human dwelling the occasional bug or mouse might show up, but can YOU imagine NEVER leaving your home for your entire life????? 

Of course, you can’t. 

You would think it a prison. 

And you would be right.

By definition, keeping cats inside creates hazards that we humans don’t acknowledge for the most part.  Cats can’t possibly live as healthy or interesting a life when restricted to a house or apartment.  Their entire sensory system responds to smells and movements, and being indoors all the time is BOOOOOORING. 

They get less exercise, too.  If that’s bad for humans, it’s also bad for animals.  There is just no substitute for the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of nature – the wind in your fur, the smells of each season, the scents of other animals, the trees to climb, the birds to watch (and to catch, and to eat). 

Yes, catching and eating food.  What wild cat have you ever seen building a fire and roasting their food before eating it?  Raw and freshly caught (or slightly aged) is what cats love to eat – are designed to eat – need to eat to have healthy digestive systems and bodies.

“OK,”  you may be saying, “but what about predators that eat cats?”

“Trust me,” said Sakhara.  “Trust that this is what is best for me to do.  I won’t put myself into danger.  I know I’m not fit – that you cut my nails – that I need to stay fairly near the house.  I’m not trying to get myself injured or killed.  I just need to be on the Earth – to fully feel the energies of the Earth.  Trust that this is best for me.”

So I’ve taken the leap of faith and I’m allowing Sakhara to spend part of each day outside.  She seems better – MUCH better.  She comes in after a short time and sleeps deeply, more at peace.  She seems happier, too.

Violet worries about her.  So do I.  Violet doesn’t want to go out.  She wasn’t introduced to the outside world as a kitten.  Sakhara was an indoor/outdoor cat for the first 12-18 months of her life.  Sakhara is wise about surviving outside.  Violet has been the over-protected, pampered Siamese.  I’m regretting now that I have kept her in.  I debated and debated this in my head over the years, but it just doesn’t seem normal or healthy to me for a cat to live in an artificial environment.

So Violet and I are learning that Sakhara knows what she needs.  We are learning to trust.  And Sakhara is thriving.  I started writing this blog when I began my vacation, and now, over a week later, I see a much healthier cat when I observe Sakhara. 

It’s important that we listen to what our animals tell us they need.  Big lesson for me at so many levels.


p.s.  I’ve stopped cuttin her nails.  This way, she is armed and can climb more easily and safely if she needs to.

The Power to Celebrate

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by Morgine Jurdan


Guest blogger, Morgine Jurdan, is enthusiastic about life and learning and creating joy!  Here she shares all of that plus a few powerful insights on how to have more happiness in your own life.

Would you like to wake up in the morning totally refreshed from a great night’s sleep, happy and excited, filled with enthusiasm and wonder at what magical things might happen today?  There is a smile on your face, a lightness to your step, you are filled with self confidence and trust.  You are glowing, on fire from the inside out, in love with life!

For most of us there is little to support this new journey of reality creation.  Media of all kinds inspires anger, depression, frustration, overwhelm in attempt to sell you their products, which they hypnotize you into believing will somehow bring you happiness and resolve your pain!   Many people define their lives by the “news” which they assume is giving an accurate description of world conditions.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth if you know “the truth” about “which world” you are creating inside, with your own thoughts, and living in every single moment of  your day!! 

Take a few minutes to remember one of those magical moments, when you felt so connected to everything.   Perhaps you were standing on top of a mountain, or inhaling the fragrance of flowers and absorbed in the glorious symphony of a waterfall and birds singing.   Maybe you were gazing at God through the newborn eyes of a baby or sitting under your favorite tree.   It might have been a moment in a workshop, a lover’s first kiss, or in a meditation.   It is in that state of being you were meant to live more often!

Most enlightened teachers today remind us “happiness is our natural state of being”.  When we live from inside our Unlimited Self, there are no problems to fix, only Gifts filled with treasures waiting for us to discover and use.   It is up to each one of us to remember and live in this state of being all the time.   Now I have discovered a way to do this!   

Oprah once said, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” 

Young children know how to celebrate life, as do animals, insects, Nature itself!   We are surrounded with these kinds of role models if we begin to look around.  

The Aborigines celebrate the rising of the sun everyday as a rare and wonderful gift!  You can begin this practice as well, today!   Each day, you take new steps, hundreds of them.  You choose to get up, eat breakfast, meditate, ask for guidance and take action, drive to work, stop and listen to your children, take the dog for a walk.  Unlike people with no arms or legs, limited vision or hearing, you have so much to celebrate!

Sometimes you are on automatic pilot and you don’t even stop to think.  Before you know it, the day is over, and you are often exhausted and feeling as if you got little accomplished when you go to bed.  Your life is filled with stress and often sadness or feelings of overwhelm.

Celebration transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary with little effort on your part!   Remember how a simple compliment from someone else can lift your spirits during the day?   Someone says “Thank you!” and  your vibrations rise, you feel a little lighter and your next task becomes a easier.  You can provide yourself the same energy boost and by the end of the day, you will feel a lot more energized and looking for new ways to celebrate yourself tomorrow!  

Begin and take a moment today to honor yourself for all the things you do!  Stop for a few seconds, smile, clap your hands and give a little cheer, or give yourself a hug, arms across your chest.  Stand up and walk around the room with a smile on your face and then sit down again, marking the moment, listen to a favorite song.  You might go to lunch with friends, or plan to take a special bath before bed!  It is these simple magical moments of recognition that can fuel your day!  Yet, we seldom take even a moment to Breathe in Gratitude for all we accomplish every day, and for the amazing person we truly are!!

You can begin by congratulating yourself for getting up in the morning.  There are people who choose to stay in bed, remain stuck, or not move forward in their life.

Smile at yourself when you are getting ready for you day!  Appreciate it took some effort to do that!  

Celebrate making some necessary phone calls you have been putting off. Good job!  Hurray!

Find a way to celebrate You in a way that resonates with you in a positive way.  Treat yourself to lunch, take a five-minute walk, or just sit for five minutes and do nothing at all!   

How about a little smile for stopping to really listen to your children,  planting those flowers in the yard, helping someone carry boxes, or getting your car washed.  There are dozens of opportunities throughout the day!  

Then finally the magic begins to expand outwards.  You develop an inner glow!  People can benefit just by being in your presence.  Then you begin to look for opportunities to compliment others around you.  It becomes an endless circle of Celebration!  Your life becomes a Celebration!

Celebration Process  

1.  Make a list of very simple things you could enjoy doing to Celebrate You:  taking a walk, reading a chapter in a book, calling a friend, walking around the room .. keep adding to it.  

2.  Make a list of things to Celebrate Yourself for:  getting up, fixing and eating breakfast, preparing the children for school, driving to work, getting several things accomplished on your job, grocery shopping, meeting a friend, seeing how long you can make it!  

3.  Create a CELEBRATION Box, Envelope, Poster:  Buy or decorate a box, be creative:   Use a cork board and involve the entire family and make it a game!   Draw or write the celebrations you remember and put them in the box.  Draw or write your current celebrations.  Put mementos that remind you of celebrations.  Gather ideas on the internet to plan future celebrations:  

© Morgine Jurdan

Morgine Jurdan loves communicating with animals and Nature.  She is an inspiring teacher, mentor, speaker and loves writing about her experiences and sharing time with Rowan, her Sheltie, and her cat, Magic. You can find out more at about Morgine at her websites or write to her regarding coaching you to Celebrate You!!

The Mark of a Warrior

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Within each of us is a warrior spirit, the part of us that has met challenges from infancy onward, creatively surviving all kinds of difficulties and even abuse, in some instances, and making decisions about life, the universe, and how we personally can “make it” to adulthood and beyond.

The warrior spirit, in my experience, goes unrecognized by many of us because we have never honored the inner child who has kept us going for so many years.  Today, as many of us are discovering that the decisions of childhood and even of a lifetime no longer work for us, we are having to reach back and help our inner children.

Many of our inner selves feel ignored, misunderstood, and abandoned.  They may feel angry, sad, and hurt, but they are also a great source of our inner power and self-respect.  Contacting our inner children may be, for many of us, the first step in restoring our awareness of our personal power.

I recently made contact with a little girl inside of me – about 6 years old – who is the one who remembers in great detail the experience of a terrible automobile accident.  I am so glad to know her.  She is a very intelligent, beautiful, and talented child.  She is psychic.  She “knew” the accident was going to happen before it actually occurred.  She also figured out how to survive in the world after being badly injured.

Sadly, this little inner child also made some very powerful decisions about her own beauty and worth and value that might have served her well when she was small, but no longer serve us today.  The injuries to her were not just physical, but also psychological. 

Today, she and I are engaged in a process of inner healing.

I am allowing this child to lead us both through the healing process at her own pace.  When someone’s basic trust level has been damaged or destroyed, you cannot force them to heal.  You cannot think your way through it.  You may not even be able to encourage them to heal.  You have to start a ground level – being consciously present with them so that they can learn, at their own pace, that you will not abandon them – no matter what – and that they might really have an opportunity to make some new choices.

Perhaps you, too, made some decisions about who you are when you were very young.  Perhaps those decisions no longer work for you. 

Among our inner children are the warriors who survived our childhoods and brought us to this moment – today – as best they could.  When we learn how to help them accept some new beliefs about themselves, our beliefs about ourself also change, for these children truly are us.


Setting Up for a Teleclass

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I’ve been preparing to teach my first teleclass, which is why I haven’t been blogging.  It’s amazing to me how different doing a teleclass would be from preparing to teach a class where all the students are in the same room with me.

For one thing, there is a lot of technology involved, and much of it is new to me.  Notifying people that the class is scheduled via email.  Modifying my website so that people can sign up and I can track who has signed up.  Setting up online ways for people to pay.  Tracking who has signed up and who has paid.  I used to do all these things with paper and pen, but now it’s all computerized and done over the internet.  

Next I get to choose a company with phone lines, and arrange for the  call.   That’s a totally new experience.

Even teaching the class is going to be very different.   As I’m very much a “visual” person, not being able to see people’s faces will seem strange.  I won’t be able to read their expressions or body language to see how they are reacting to the information.  Wow – like being blind, in a way.

Perhaps I’ll be guided to sense their energies instead – a most interesting possibility.   As a teacher, I like to be responsive to my students and tailor a class uniquely for the group.  I guess I’m going to learn some new ways of doing that.

I’m also excited because I know I am being guided every step of the way.   Living daily with higher guidance and relying on it used to feel strange.  Now it feels good.  And most importantly, I’m learning to trust what I sense.

Of course, the most important part to prepare is the subject itself – the “meat” of the whole thing.  This topic just glows in my mind when I think about it!  I know that there are people out there ready and waiting for this class and I know I’ve been brought to this place and time to teach it. 

Talk about confidence?!?  Or it is conceit?!?  Or it is just Higher Guidance telling me “It’s about time!”

I look forward to seeing you there if this class calls to you.  You will be divinely guided to where you are supposed to be. 


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