Before You Can Ascend, You Must Descend All The Way

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The Root Chakra


The focus today seems to be on the Heart Center or Chakra of our body.  Everyone, including me, has been offering courses and meditations on how to live from your Heart.

The other day, I was having a conversation with my I Am Presence, and I was given some vitally important information that, at the time, seemed so obvious that I wondered how I could have overlooked it.  Of course, anything is obvious, once you know it.  Before you know it, it’s a complete mystery.  So the joke is truly on me!!

This is the first in a series of blogs to explain how to link your Heart Center with the lower 3 chakras and why this is important.

The ROOT Chakra

Root ChakraHave you ever wondered why the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is actually called the “Root” Chakra?

When I first heard this name, I just assumed it was called this because it was the lowest of the primary (the biggest) chakras in the human body.  This is not incorrect, but nearly so.

Humans actually have a channel that runs from the Crown Chakra on the top of the head to the Root Chakra at the base of the spine.  This channel should be (when clear and clean and open) as wide as your head.  There is also a channel that runs from the Crown Chakra all the way to Godhead.

And . . . there is a channel that runs from your Root Chakra down to the Earth Star chakra at the bottom of your auric field.  The Earth Star is located 6-8 inches below your feet, so if you are standing up, it is inside the Earth.

Usuualy, when you are told to ground yourself, you are told to open the secondary chakras in the arches of your feet and ground through them.  Ah, Ha!!  Here’s the key.  To be FULLY GROUNDED you, Divine One in Human Form, are meant to ground your energy like a TRIPOD – down through your legs, yes — but also down through the Root Channel from the Root Chakra to your Earth Star.

Look how stable a kangaroo is standing on 2 feet and 1 tail.  Think how much more stable you would be if you were standing on 2 feet and an additional column of energy.

The Root Chakra is the start of your energy root that is meant to ground you more fully.  When you ground as a tripod, you can be more fully connected to the Earth.

Why is this important?  Because the Earth is our Spiritual and Physical Mother.  All the “substances” in our physical body come from the Earth.   Without the assistance and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of our EARTH MOTHER, we can not be here on the Earth Plane.

If you are intent on creating your reality in a new way, you need the assistance of Mother Earth and of the elemental beings whose job it is to transform your thoughtform (idea) into a physical state.

The Matrix of Reality is Divine Love

The underlying energy matrix of all reality is constructed from Divine Love or Love Without Conditions.  Therefore, if you intend to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE, the first step is grounding into the Earth. 

When you bring your I Am Presence fully down into your Root Chakra and then down the Root Channel and your legs into the Earth Star Chakra and then, with her permission, into the Heart of Mother Earth, you are consciously creating the linkage necessary to empower all of your Divine Creations.

Earth Mother then sends her Divine Love expression (energy) up through your feet and root channel to support your process.  You are fully connected and grounded and receiving Divine Love fully from your Mother.

Talk about being (and feeling) fully supported!!!

Overcoming Fear

Since the Root Chakra is associated with survival and trust issues, please consider that when you are fully Rooted, fully Grounded, and fully open to receive the Divine Love of your Earth Mother, then you are in a stronger, more powerful place from which to eliminate fear.


So step #1 to eliminating fear is GROUNDING the Divine Love that you have in your Heart Center and the Divine Consciousness of your I AM Presence through your ROOT CHANNEL and both your feet.

Then to begin to eliminate fear from your life, wrap your fear in Unconditional Love, limitless Love, Infinite Love, and watch your fear dissolve.

Invite your “ego” or your inner child (the little boy or girl inside you who is afraid of taking risks, having adventures, and expanding into higher consciousenss) to come into your arms.  Wrap that child up in Divine Love.  Observe what happens.



Mirror, Mirror . . .

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Did you know that even your animals can be a reflection of you?

One of my clients, whom I’ll call Betty, requested a session because her two new kittens, whom I’ll call Molly and Mittens, were fighting.  Molly is 8 months old and has very high energy.  Mittens is a male, a little over a year old, very sweet, loving, and more sedate than Molly.  Molly had been with Betty for more than a month before Betty brought Mittens home a few days ago.

According to Betty, Mittens became depressed and his appetite has declined because of vicious attacks by Molly.  Betty, in describing what was going on, was quite angry and annoyed with Molly.  Her goal for the session was to find out more about what was going on between the two cats and then decide what to do.  Betty explained that she didn’t want to give Mittens away, but thought she might have to do that.

It was difficult, at first, for Betty to listen to what Molly told us.  Betty kept interrupting and saying critical things about Molly as I tried to encourage Molly to speak with us.  I finally persuaded Betty to open her heart center and quietly listen to Molly without making any judgments.  

With some encouragement from me, Molly explained that she has a hard time getting close to anyone, including people.  She had sensed a connection with Betty when they first met, and wants to be close, but doesn’t really know how.  In addition, she had been very sick when Betty brought her home and she really appreciated how well Betty cared of her.  Now that she feels better, she has lots of energy, just like many young, healthy kittens do.  She doesn’t feel like cuddling much because she doesn’t trust at a very deep level.  She is afraid to let love in because she might lose it again, and she showed me an image of her mother cat with the sad emotion of loss.

Once Betty heard what Molly had to say, Betty was deeply moved.  She told me, “I can’t believe how much this sounds like me.  I have issues myself about getting close to others and letting in love.  Molly has really touched my heart.”

I spoke then with Mittens, who explained that he feels very safe and has a lot of love to give.  He wants to be in this family so he can be a center for grounding energies and giving unconditional love to both Betty and Molly.  After we talked for a bit, Mittens said he felt better – less sad and more focused on his purpose for being in this family.

Betty went on to say that she had read books on Animal Communication written by Penelope Smith in which she had learned that animals can reflect our issues.  “I just never expected this to happen to me,” Betty told me.

I explained that this was a powerful opportunity for spiritual growth for both Betty and Molly.  “Stay out of judgment as much as you can.”  I suggested.  “These two cats have come to be with you to participate in an expansive and healing spiritual process.  If you get upset with Molly, just remember how much she is like you.  Keep your heart center open as much as possible and keep focused on forgiving and loving yourself.”

We tend to judge others negatively for exactly the same things we do not like in ourselves.  I have learned that when I am upset with someone else for something they have said or done, my next step is to look at myself to see what button in me got pushed and in what ways the other person reminds me of me.  Then, I know that I have to heal myself through forgiveness and love.  I have to forgive myself.  I have to love myself.  When I have done that, I no longer make negative judgments of other person who gave me the gift of being my reflection.

I suggested some flower essences for Betty, Molly, and Mittens.  The essences will smooth the way for the cats to integrate with each other, and will also help Betty and Molly develop a closer bond.  Of course, Betty will still need to work on her own issues, but flower essences can be very helpful as we move through the healing process.

The world outside us is a mirror of our inner world.  To change the nature of what we experience “out there”, we have to change our limiting beliefs and emotions inside.  The place for you to begin is with yourself.  The place for me to begin is with myself.  Then, when enough of us changes ourselves, we will also have shifted the consciousness of humanity into a place of greater love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and joy.