Heart Brain – A New Way to Live.

February 2, 2014 by  
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What would the world be like if your heart ruled your head?
What would the world be like
if your heart
ruled your head?

Can you imagine how we would be different if our hearts were in our heads?

Those of us who tend to analyze everything might discover that instead we would just love everything.

Those of us who are self-critical might find more self-love available.

Those of us with fear-filled thoughts might find our fear dissolving and disappearing.

Your heart’s magnetic field is more than twice the size of that of your brain.  Your heart’s energy is more powerful than that of your brain.  And your heart is the center of Divine Love in your physical body.

Can you imagine how your life might be different if you were allowing yourself to consciously receive and experience the Divine Love flowing into your heart?  It’s already there, but are you noticing?

Just pause right now.  Allow yourself to imagine that you can sense and feel that love pouring in.

– – – – –

– – – – –

– – – – –

– – – – –

What did you discover?

Did you discover that your heart is burdened by feelings that are unresolved?

Did you trip over old angers, resentments, jealousies, shames, and other emotions that seem to block your experience of love?

Did you get a sense that it’s time to clean house in your heart to make room for more Divine Love to live there?

Did you find your heart brain – that center of wisdom and higher knowledge that resides in your heart?

Did you hear your heart beating out a message to you?  What was the message?

As we approach the yearly holiday known as St. Valentine’s Day, we are reminded to send cards and flowers and candy to someone we love.  May I suggest that this year, instead, you take the day to examine where love is present in your life and where it’s missing.  When you discover the places it’s missing, you can make a new choice – to put love into all the places within yourself and outside yourself, that seem to be lacking in love.

One way to put more love into your own life is to energize water with Love.  You can place a glass pitcher or large glass of water over the word

D i v i n e  L o v e


and let it sit there for 15 minutes and then drink the water.

The vibration of Divine Love will be in that water and will be pumped by your heart into all your cells, including the cells of your heart.  In your imagination, sense the Divine Love transforming each of your cells into radiant centers of Divine Love.  Notice how this feels.

When we allow our hearts to be filled with love and to share their Divine Love and wisdom with all other parts of us, our lives transform.

Happy Valentine’s Day.