The Higher View.

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Lessons from Master Teacher Sakhara.

May the Purr Be with You.May the Purr Be with You.

Sakhara informs me that the reason cat’s like to be up in trees, on top of refrigerators and bookshelves, and generally as far “up” as they can get is not just a matter of height = power.


It’s a human thing to assume that since we’re higher we can hunt better.  And this is true, but does not go nearly far enough.

The real reason we prefer to be on top of things is because we seek the spiritual view that we gain from raising ourselves above the mundane experiences of daily life.

By climbing as high as we can, we learn to shift ourselves out of the limiting vision of being on the ground.  We experience many different perspectives, on the way up … while on top … and on the way down. 

Cats, as a group, have higher vision.  We’re very spiritual beings.  Those who know us well know that most of us meditate daily and leave our bodies to travel in other realms.

Perhaps, if you master patience a bit, I’ll take you on a journey to a higher plane so you’ll have an experience of what I mean.

Sakhara believes that the higher perspective will always give you solutions to problems.  It gives you different way of understanding what’s going on in your life.  It offers new ways to think and feel about something that you might not notice if you’re on the ground.

Sakhara suggests:

Take a walk and climb a hill.

Better yet, climb a tree.

Look out over the valley of your life and your situation. 

What do you notice that you didn’t notice before?

What options open for you as your vision expands?

This approach makes any situation look smaller and more manageable. 

You can even meditate while you’re up there.

Give it a try!

cat sleeping on branch2Do you think this cat is asleep?

Sakhara insists this cat is in deep meditation.

Who am I to argue with the Master Teacher?

Why not ask your cats about Sakhara’s teaching.  They may have something to add, and you can share their messages in the comments section.