Ascension Preparation: Welcome to Hogwarts

September 23, 2011 by  
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Please Take This Invitation Seriously!


Become the Wizard That You Already Are!

Our spiritual ascension – the awakening of our consciousness – requires that we make a leap of faith.

“You’re a wizard, Harry.”  says Hagrid, gameskeeper at Hogwarts, to a young boy who can hardly believe his ears.

You, too, my dear ones, are wizards.  Take the leap of faith and accept your Divinity, your Mastery, your Wizardry.

So last night, I invited each person on the call, and all of you who listen to the recording, to consider yourself a wizard, to connect with your inner creative child, and to pretend that you could create an entirely new way of living and being for yourself and all of humanity.

You can learn to do this very quickly because the time to do it is NOW!

Today, I hope some of you will comment about your experience of the teleclass and also ask questions and help stimulate others to begin to believe that they, too, are wizards and capable of SO MUCH MORE than we have allowed ourselves to imagine in the past.

Just wave your fingers (aka magic wands) and say your magic words (make some up), and create a new world today!!