Become a Conscious Manifestor

December 28, 2008 by  
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Over the last few years, I’ve learned some simple keys to manifesting what I choose to have in my life.

1_  The words you use to make your request to the Universe are very important. 

  • Words of Power are:
    • I CHOOSE
    • I KNOW
    • I EXPECT
    • I FEEL
    • I AM
  • Words of disempowerment are
    • I need
    • I want
    • I hope
    • I think

Test this out.  Say any of the Words of Power, close your eyes, and see how you feel when you repeat them to yourself.  Then, do the same with the words of disempowerment.

Words of Power make you feel expansive. 

Words of disempowerment make you feel limited and small.

Words of Power imply that what you request is ALREADY COMPLETE.  They also express clearly that you are open to receive whatever you are choosing to manifest.

Words of disempowerment imply lack – lack of certainty on your part about what will be created and lack of completeness on the part of the Universe.

You have the creative power of Source/God/Goddess/All That Is.  There is NO DOUBT that you can create whatever you choose to create!  Therefore, you are not giving the Universe a choice here.  You are creating!!!!

2_  When you ask for anything, include in your request that it will happen EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, and PAINLESSLY. 

Why you would you choose anything less?  Of course you wouldn’t.  Still, the more specific your request, the more likely you will be creating exactly what you want to create.

3_  The more you ask for, the more you receive and the easier it gets to use this ability.

Like any skill, conscious manifestation requires practice, and practice improves our level of performance.

 4_  Ask for whatever you choose, and then LET GO!

Just KNOW that what you are asking for will be created.  You may not know how it will arrive or exactly when, but if you are certain that it will arrive, it will arrive. 

Remind yourself that IT IS ALREADY HERE!!

 5_  Ask with LOVE and JOY!!  Ask from your HEART.

Emotions are energy that provide power to your creative process.

Try this:  put one hand over your heart and ask a question.  You will get correct information every time!