Ascension Preparation: Integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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To move out of duality,

integrate the male and female within you.


In our teleclass last night, we reviewed the different qualities associated with the female chi (yin) and the male chi (yang).

Contrasting characteristics of Female and Male Chi.

Since we all have both the male and female chi and the male and female hormones, we all have both sets of some characteristics to some degree.

The really important issue that is related to preparing for ascension is this:

How do you integrate –

heal your relationship with –

BOTH of these aspects within you?


To help you do this, I channeled the energies of the Mahatma or highest frequency Divine Feminine energy for you to experience.  Then I channeled the energy of the new Divine Masculine Christ Light energy for you to experinece.

In our meditation, we each met with both aspects of ourselves and began the harmonious, loving, reintegration of these two aspects.

Please share below any questions you may have and any experiences you had during or after participating in the teleclass.


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Death and Dying

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Yesterday, Paloma Baertschi-Herrera was a guest speaker at the Animal Communicator Forum.  Her talk was “Animals and the Final Journey.”  She spoke about her experiences as she allowed animals to die naturally, without euthanasia.  

Paloma explained that there is a natural dying process, just like there is a natural birthing process.  She proposed that when humans choose to interfere with that process, we may rob ourselves and our animals of something extraordinary and important for the spirit/soul to experience.

In a society where human death is hidden away in hospitals and hospices and where we are encouraged by veterinarians and each other to euthanize an elderly or sick or severely injured animal without considering what the animal might want or need, the courage to explore the topic of death seems to be lacking.

Everybody dies.  That is a fact of life.  And you or a loved one (human or animal) can die at any moment.

What does it mean, “die?”  Maybe that’s the place to begin a discussion.  So many of us only think about what may or may not be true AFTER we die, and because we have been conditioned by religions to fear the afterlife or because you may not even believe in the “after life” the subject of dying is frought with fear.

But each of us will, one day, leave our body behind.  If you believe that you are a spirit or that you have a soul, then something of who are believe you truly are with continue beyond the physical form.

“Death” and “Life” are part of the duality of our existence at the level of our current physical existence.  They are the “yin” and “yang” of this reality.  So doesn’t it make sense to begin exploring the topic of death while you are living so you can prepare yourself for the experience ahead?

My favorite book on this subject is called Deathing: An Intelligent Alternative for the Final Moments of Life by Anya Foos-Graber.  I found this extraordinary book when I began preparing myself for the eventual passing of my equine companion, Echo.   There were no books on this subject that focused on animals at that time, and I found this one to be multi-cultural in its approach, as well as to explain how to prepare yourself and/or a loved one for the final journey.

Paloma Baertschi-Herrera has recently published an e-book on this subject.  It is called Animals and the Final Journey and is available at her website,

If you feel ready to explore this topic, for yourself, for your human family and friends, and/or for your animals, I strongly recommend these two publications.  You can purchase Deathing at

Some other ways to explore this subject include TV shows and movies.  My favorites are

  1. Six Feet Under,  a TV series which teaches us about grieving and the struggle that we have in our culture coping with death of a loved one and the knowledge that we each will someday die;
  2. Dead Like Me, a TV series which explores this topic from a different perspective;  
  3. Defending Your Life, a movie that illustrates for us what the life review process may be like during the transitional phase the soul experiences after leaving the body;
  4. What Dreams May Come, a movie which also explores some ideas of the afterlife;  
  5. Ghost, a movie which is mostly about Love knowing no boundaries.

Exploring the subject is death does not have to be morbid (or deadly).  It can be an affirmation of choosing to live life fully!  I so choose!


The Seed of Equivalent Benefit

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When one of my sisters was still in grammar school, she admitted to me that when she was younger, she used to think that when Florida was sold by Spain to the US, it was cut off from Spain, floated across the ocean, and attached to the southern border of the east coast.  Makes sense to me!

Isn’t it amazing, the things we “used to think” were true?  Or maybe the things we think are true now are more amazing?

I remember the first time I went to Europe.  I was about 18 and headed to Scotland for 2 months on the Experiment in International Living.  I remember thinking, “Now I’ll find out if Europe is really there or if all the stuff they told us in school is just made up.”  Sure enough, I looked out the window of the airplane as it passed over Ireland, and there was land below us looking quite different from the New England we had left many hours earlier.  When we got off the plane, we were in France and everyone spoke French.  Proof, right?

We tend to laugh at the “innocence” of children, but really, we should be laughing at ourselves.  We keep making all kinds of false assumptions about our lives. 

For example, we all assume that everything important in our lives that is going well will remain the same indefinitely.  We hope things will improve;  we fear that they might not.  But many times we settle for just hanging in there.

Change, however, is the only constant in our lives.  That’s it!  The sooner we stop fearing it and start embracing it, the happier we will all be.  How can we achieve this? 

Each thing contains it’s opposite.  The yin-yang symbol demonstrates this for us.  Look how each side has a small circle of the other within it.   This is also true of every event and situation in our lives. 

We might, at first, react to something as if it were a terrible event.  But if we search for the SEED OF EQUIVALENT BENEFIT within it, we will find one.  And even if that seed seems very tiny at first, focusing on it with intent and putting some joyful emotion into it will cause that seed to sprout and grow into something beautiful.  I’ve done this many times in my life, and the results have always been amazing.  Give it a try!