The October 29, 2011 Snow Storm in Connecticut

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How It All Began … and What I Experienced

My driveway and the street Oct. 30, 2011 at dawn – both totally buried.

October 29, 2011 – I am finally ready to take a yoga class that I’ve been promising myself for over a year, and so, of course, the snow that was predicted this a.m. has arrived 2 hours early. Still, the yoga studio is only 10 minutes away by car, so despite the fact that most people forget how to drive in snow over the summer, I’m going!!

That was my state of mind the day that the big snowfall of more than 16” of heavy, soggy snow feel in Connecticut and knocked out electricity for nearly 2 weeks. I went to the yoga class, and afterwards, did something I had never done before a storm – I stopped and filled the gas tank and went to the ATM for some cash. Maybe it was the breaking of a branch of a very young tree near the yoga studio when I came out to find nearly 4” of snow had fallen on my car in about 90 minutes.

So home I headed, ready for a hot tub with Epsom salts, only to have the power turn off before I could get into the bath. I stayed relatively dirty and somewhat stiff for 12 days of electrical outage.

It is my opinion that you can never be fully prepared for the unexpected. After all, isn’t that what “unexpected” means? The Experiment in International Living teaches us to “expect the unexpected” when travelling abroad, but I think that this slogan is actually a good metaphor for life. This is even more true today as the ascension energies continue to flow in and to change our physiology.

Anyway, I had some candles, some flashlights, and a lantern. I have a Coleman camping stove that uses propane, and I had some of that, too. I had some bottles filled with water for drinking and for flushing the toilet. So I did what I have learned to do: I opened my heart to gratitude and appreciation, those amazing energies that put us into a place of receiving, and I gave thanks for everything that I already had and would be receiving. Then I said, “I know that everything will be taken care of perfectly. Thank you. So be it.”

I’m sure you don’t need to read a blow-by-blow description of how I spent the next 12 days, but I do want to share a few very precious aspects of this experience with you.

  1. I had purchased an L. L. Bean down comforter in August and it kept me, Violet, and Sakhara snug and warm despite the temperature in the house staying mostly at 45 degree Fahrenheit, day and night.
  2. If you are going camping, sleeping on a sofa is much better than sleeping on the hard ground, at least for my physical body. Yes, it’s a bit tight with two cats insisting on being there with you, but the warmth and snuggling was wonderful.
  3. Reconnecting with nature – the blessed quiet – seeing the stars at night, no longer blocked out by street lamps – enjoying the beauty of the snow fall – nothing can compare to this.
  4. Doing the physical work of lighting a fire, keeping it going, hauling water, and so forth, actually felt good. By dark, I was ready to sleep and I slept very well every night – except the first one when the

    To determine the extent of the damage, they had to use helicopters because nearly all the roads were blocked.

    sounds of trees twisting and breaking and falling and landing with great crashes was both scary and sad.

  5. Using my ingenuity to problem solve – like putting old horse buckets under the dripping roof to collect water for the toilets – gave me a sense of empowerment.

Perhaps the greatest gift of all was living in the NOW moment. I would wake up in the morning and think, “What am I going to do today?” Without a phone, without a computer, it seemed as though I had nothing at all to do.

But as soon as I crawled out from under that warm comforter, it was very clear what I had to do, i.e., put on some more clothes, light some candles, start a fire, get a cup of hot tea, warm water to warm the cat’s raw food. Once I had done those things, the rest of each day lined itself up immediately.

Each day was completely FULL of doing the basic things that needed to be done. It gave me a great appreciation for our ancestors, who had no electricity ever and had to work physically very hard to accomplish the basics of survival. And it was fun to discover that I COULD do it all.

More, later.  Namaste,

Ascension Preparation – Grounding . . .

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You Have to Descend Before You Ascend

Please add your comments and questions, and
share your experiences of learning how to be grounded.

In our discussion yesterday, I suggested various ways you can learn to ground your energy.   In this post, I want to expand on that a bit more.

First, anyone who does Tai Chi, or a martial art, or hatha yoga (the authentic kind, not the westernized version) learns techniques for grounding.  If any of these activities appeal to you, I urge you to try them out.

In Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith, Ph. D., there are in depth discussions of each of the primary chakras.  At the end of each chapter are a variety of techniques for working with that individual chakras’s energy.  These include a meditation, yoga postures, and other activities.

I would also like to suggest the following for your consideration:

1. What kind of shoes do you wear?

High heels, like the bound feet of women in ancient China, were never designed to keep women grounded.  Finding very comfortable shoes that help you connect to the Earth might be an important starting place for some people to consider.

Shoes made of natural fibers or mostly natural fibers are more grounding that plastic shoes.

If you enjoy going barefoot, that’s my personal favorite.

Develop some good foot care habits.  Massage your feet or find a professional who is very good at doing that.  Use oils or lotions on them.  LOVE THEM!! and they will love you back. 🙂

2. What types of materials are your clothes made from?

All synthetics have energy frequencies that are unnatural.  Those frequencies can “rev you up” and keep your body from relaxing.  (Hmmm. .. makes me wonder what would happen if people labeled with ADD and ADHD wore only natural fibers???)

If you want to be more connected to Mother Earth, look for natural fibers.  You have to be careful because there is much attempt to confuse us about what is natural and what isn’t.  You have to read labels.  You have to check out what the material is called to be sure it really is made from something other than plastic.

For example, virgin wool is natural; virgin acrylic is a plastic.  So are polyesters, including “polar fleece,” which never met a sheep’s body at any time.  (“Fleece” is the term that usually refers to wool from a sheep.)

Cottons and wools and hemp are all natural, but look out for labels purposely designed to confuse you.  When in doubt, check on the internet.

3.  What are you eating?

We could spend hours and hours on this subject.

For now, I would share with you that the more natural a diet you eat, the better for your overall health.  The government is in cahoots with the controllers, so labels are allowed to be purposely misleading.  You have to READ everything and learn what is good for you, what really “natural” or “all natural” or even, God help us all, “organic” really mean.

Avoid processed foods as much as possible.  Learn the joys of cooking and sharing home made means and snacks with family and friends.  There is a reason why the kitchen used to be the center of the home (instead of the TV set).

Foods that are more “grounding” are foods that grow inside the earth or close to the earth.  These are winter squash, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and so forth.

Protein is also very grounding, especially red meats, fowl, and dairy.  And if you are vegetarian or vegan, you can still be more grounded with proteins from beans and tofu.

The big exception to all this is – our favorite food group –


But remember it should be dark chocolate with the lowest sugar content you can learn to enjoy.

4.  Are you resting and sleeping enough?

If your body is exhausted, it is stressed.  If you are sleep deprived, you are stressed.

Learning to love and care for you body will help you and your body stay grounded.


More about “A Lesson in Trust from Sakhara”

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So, Sakhara, how are you enjoying being outside?


Sakhara is very different since she began going outside.  She is calmer, and for this very calm, grounded, Earth energy kitty, that’s an amazing thing to even imagine, much less experience.  She is also eating more comfortably – less frantically.

I asked Sakhara the other day if she was eating anything outside.  “Insects,” she told me. 

“What kind?”

“Crickets.  They’re delicious.” 

Sakhara is missing many teeth.  While she still has her canines (although I always think in cats they should be called “felines”), she is missing all the little ones between them and many others on the sides, both on top and on bottom of her mouth.  So while I know she can still hunt for small animals, she would not be able to chew or consume them.

In the past, on the rare occasions I would let Sakhara go outside, she’d head right for the grass and tear off pieces and swallow them.  This caused her a great deal of digestive distress because she couldn’t cut the pieces small enough or chew them at all, and she would end up feeling terrible and then vomit.  Her digestive distress would continue, and I would feel dismayed about it all.

Of course, vomiting is one way the body cleanses.  Do you know that?  Not long ago I was rereading a very old out-of-print book I have on hatha yoga.  In one chapter on cleansing, the authors talked about eating things to cause yourself to vomit as a type of purging.  Not exactly what attracts me to yoga, but interesting to know that this can be a cleansing practice.

As I observe Sakhara now, she isn’t eating grass and isn’t vomiting at all.  Of course, she might be eating grass where I can’t or don’t oberseve her, and then vomiting outside, but she says that she isn’t, and I believe her.  I’ve never known her to lie.  Also, lots of times she isn’t out there for very long, so if she did eat grass, it would still be inside her when she came in and I would know if she were vomiting in the house.

I remembered the other day that Sakhara, who is a rather reticent personality, had told someone in one of the TWA classes that her job is to patrol around the house outside and protect the property.  Now, I wonder whether, by keeping her inside all the time, her level of frustration and stress at not being able to do her job contributed to her being sick. 

I don’t feel as though I want to ask her about it.  I just want to hold this notion in my mind for awhile and feel the resonance of its energy.  Some emotions can make us physically ill and others can heal us.  Being continuously kept from your life purpose/job could have a very deleterious effect on anyone.  So many subtle energies and experiences can influence our overall state of well-being.  

So I continue to watch and observe Sakhara as she explores outside.  She headed off across the street yesterday with Hattie (the mostly feral resident of my yard) accompanying her.  I was outside at the time watering my small vegetable and herb garden.   I had to hold myself back from interfering.  She was gone quite a while and Violet had to be comforted.  But she came back just fine, feeling really good and a bit tired.  More lessons for me.